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Ganesh Ramachandran

The veda is considered by vedanta to be anaadi, the revelations to rishis, containing eternal truths. Shree Aurobindo set out on an immense task to bring out the imperative meaning of the veda. He has striven and translated portions of the Rg veda, trying to bring out implied meanings and hidden significances. He interprets the entire veda as revelations from and about higher planes of consciousness, contradicting Sayana whose Bhashya analyses verses literally. He brings out that the upanishads are just more explicit in this regard, while the rest of the veda consists of the mystical outporings of rishis in bliss. 

In comprehending and living with the veda, is the path to the ultimate. Comprehension would include implied utterances too. Something to ponder upon.

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  i somewhat disagree on the above argument because, whatever be the case, is the purpose of advaitins to go behind deivsing powerful yagnas , getting better medicine and style of living??
  i personally deem that vedas are not to be researched and analysed sine analysis of vedas they themselves being authoritative texts fulfilling the bridge between an individual and guiding him in his quest for the ultimate brahman. 
  well this requires further discussion,
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  Let us analyze this issue pragmatically: 
  Imagine a Vedic era, possibly of future. 
  Why would the society need a Brahmana class ? 
  So that this class of people may devote themselves to 
  full-time research in Vedic sciences and arts. Society 
  will support this class, and in turn Brahmans will help 
  society prosper by : 
  1. Training the students in different skills that sustain 
  the society. 
  2. Continually evolve and refine Vedic tecniques to tackle 
  various issues pertaining to life. For example: devise 
  powerful and effective yagnas, develop and refine Vedic 
  medicine, develop and refine the science of defence and 
  martial arts, develop and refine the art of music ..... 
  This R&D effort of the Brahmana Class will be the most 
  valuable assest of the society. 
  Suppose, a person of lower brith, knows and understands the 
  Veda. And can contribute to the soceity by applying his/her 
  understanding of the Vedas to develop and refine applications. 
  Will society sponser this person for a full time R&D effort. 
  Ofcourse it will, society is after all results driven. 
  So, birth issue becomes irrelevant AFTER a person has 
  acquired the knowledge of Vedas. 
  So the only place where birth issue may be of concern is 
  in FINDING a teacher who is willing to impart the secrets 
  of the Vedas to a seeker of lower birth. 
  I would say, each teacher will be different in this matter. 
  One who possesses Knowledge also has the reponsibilty to choose 
  students wisely. If a student irrespective of birth convinces 
  a teacher of his/her capabilty, after that birth cannot 
  remain an issue. 
  Best regards 

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