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On Fri, 12 Oct 2001, miinalochanii paashamochanii wrote:

> Personally, I think it is extremely difficult to be a brahmaNa
> according to the traditional way. At least I see no hope. My conviction
> increases as I read pages from vaidyanAtha dIxitIyam (which puts
> together the views of various smRti-s and veda) on different subjects
> related to visheshha dharma.

When was it ever not difficult?  Remember, Vaidyanath Dikshita was a royal
minister.  Even in his day is was unlikely that the average Brahman was
able to be as meticulous as him.  But did they say there was no hope?
Between 100% and 0 there are a lot of numbers.  I can tell you from
practical experience, it is possible to meet most of the shastraic rules
and I'm working on the rest.  Maybe I won't succeed in my lifetime but as
long as I can set a firm foundation for my descendents I'll be happy.
Look at the effort the descendents of Sagara needed to bring down the
Ganga.  Only Bhagiratha in the fourth generation could manage it.

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