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On Fri, 12 Oct 2001, ken knight wrote:

> Namaste all,
> Are there any divisions in varna in the kali yuga?
>  I thought that I read once that in these times we are
> all sudras.

No, if Dharma is Sanatana (eternal) then how can that be?  What differs
during the yugas is the quantity of Dharma not the quality.  It maybe
that nowadays, many people don't fulfill their Dharmic obligations.  So
what?  Let's be part of the group that do.  It is such people who will
usher in the next satyayuga.

> As a mleccha I want to keep studying sruti even though I believe that
> there is a great deal of discolouring in the light of the purusha by
> this mind.

Then what's the point?  The Shrutis contain no magic that can bring you
any closer to mukti, your goal.  It is only correct behavior and thinking
which can do that.  If you know you are not supposed to study Shruti (and
I think you do) then how does "want" enter into the picture?  Such
feelings actually take you farther away mukti.  Such shastras such as
Bhagavadgita and Yogavasishtha are available to you and will serve you

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