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Fri Oct 12 10:18:49 CDT 2001

Namaste all,
Are there any divisions in varna in the kali yuga?
 I thought that I read once that in these times we are
all sudras.  As a mleccha I want to keep studying
sruti even though I believe that there is a great deal
of discolouring in the light of the purusha by this
Om sri ram
--- Sunny Bhardwaj <sunny_bhardwaj at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> Popular question (though don't know if it's
> appropriate for this list. If
> not, please ignore) -
> Is Varna determined solely by birth or can one move
> between the four castes
> during their lifetime?
> I've been trying to get authoritative information on
> this question but have
> found the two famous opposing views in equal
> measure.
> Second question -
> I'm a Brahman by birth and want to be one by action.
> We are supposed to
> consult the Shastras to find out what to do. Where
> do I get these Shastras?
> I've been following several threads on this list and
> have heard quotes and
> references from various texts that I've never even
> heard of. Where do you
> all get access to these? (I'm at student at a
> university in the US)
> Thanks a lot,
> Sunny
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