Varna and one more

Sunny Bhardwaj sunny_bhardwaj at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Oct 12 09:01:31 CDT 2001

Popular question (though don't know if it's appropriate for this list. If
not, please ignore) -

Is Varna determined solely by birth or can one move between the four castes
during their lifetime?

I've been trying to get authoritative information on this question but have
found the two famous opposing views in equal measure.

Second question -

I'm a Brahman by birth and want to be one by action. We are supposed to
consult the Shastras to find out what to do. Where do I get these Shastras?
I've been following several threads on this list and have heard quotes and
references from various texts that I've never even heard of. Where do you
all get access to these? (I'm at student at a university in the US)

Thanks a lot,

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