Benjamin K. Badgley deaddog at CITYNET.NET
Sun Oct 7 23:07:04 CDT 2001

If I stumble please let me chip away quietly our boulders.
Advaita from Hindu means Not Two. Comprehended is this from
Zen. "See the ocean, drink it up become it but the ocean is
still itself." Light and Dark are equals and we see and know
them both. I've read of the postings of science over or with
or against what is written. Science was it not first created
to enhance and aide understanding of the written? Is it not
then the written also? By written I refer to those sacred
texts, they are there but names elude this one. Humble view
from self here, mind is but spirit's tool thus an illusion
used to bind spirit or self to body or physical. Again
apologies if misspoken or ignorant.


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