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I am Soumitra Mukhopadhyaya hailing from a small village of Unsani, Howrah
which is about 12 Km from Calcutta, India. I am presently a 4th year
student of MBBS in Burdwan University.

As I can judge by myself, I am very inquisitive & thoughtful since my
childhood. There is hardly any matter in the world that has not triggered
a thought process in my mind. As a student of science I also wondered
about the past & future of the Universe and also my life. Where was I in
the Universe before my birth? Where shall I go after my death? I always
longed for success & also for a life that is surely away from that of the
common people. The very thought & ambition of doing something else than
the common man led me to devote sometime for the search of a truth that
would explain all the unanswered questions of my life & I found the road
to eternal peace & happiness is actually dormant in myself waiting for its

I have come in contact with an Indian Yogi & my Guru- Swami Sadhananda
Giri- belonging to the Giri sect of Hindu Religion & practice the method
of Kriyayoga which is considered the most useful for this age.

    Sri Shyamacharan Lahiri who was taught by Mahabatar Babaji Maharaj
advocated Kriyayoga. Babaji Maharaj is said to be living in the Himalayas
for 3 Kalpa & shall relinquish the mortal abode by teaching Kalki who is
slated to arrive as the 10th & last Avatar of god.

    His small Ashram (Jujarshah Yogaashram) situated in Jujarshah, Howrah
is considered to be one of the few centers of Kriyayoga practicing the
Kriyayoga in its pure form. I have met my Guru for only 8 times now. But
the enthusiasm & self-confidence that he has infused in me is really
wonderful. I have full confidence that his guidance will enlighten my soul
to such a height - as is required-to welcome the Supreme Soul. My pranams
to my guru whose life is the torch to me in the journey through the tough
time ahead for all of us, as-at the time of writing this introductory
note- war in Afghanistan has just began an hour ago.

   My knowledge for the Vedanta Philosophy & Shankaracharya is
insignificant. I have great admiration for them & I know that herein lays
the Truth. A discussion forum of this kind is all that I want now.


Soumitra Mukhopadhyaya

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