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This is the temple to Sri.Vidya Shankara - shiva,
which is right next to the temple to Sri.Sharada. It
has 12 beautiful pillars inside. The entire temple is
at a very high elevation with may be 10-12 steps
leading to it.


--- Vaidya Sundaram <vaidya_narayanan at YAHOO.COM>
> Namaskaram.
>  In a discourse about Sri Shankara's life (a set of
> 7 audio cassettes titled Sri Shankara Charitam
> available in Giri Traders in Madras), Sri Anantarama
> Dikshidhar mentioned that Vidyaranya swami built 12
> pillars in Sringeri such that the first day (or
> week?) of every month accoring to the panchangam,
> the sun shines on the pillar and not on any other
> day.
>  My question to the list members is whether this is
> still available today and does anyone know about it?
> I have been to Sringeri a few times but never knew
> of this.
> Any information on this would be appreciated.
>  Apart from that, Sri Anantarama Dikshidhar also
> mentioned that Vidyaranya Swami used to do Gayathri
> japam (1000+ ??) every day and after the end of 12
> years of such constant tapas, Gayathri Devi Herself
> appeared to Vidyaranya Swami and gave Him several
> boons, and one of them was that He would be able to
> write the bhashya of all the vedic mantras etc.
> bhava shankara desikame sharaNam
> Vaidya.

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