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Tue Nov 27 15:49:39 CST 2001

>The Dvaitins, Vaishnavas and other religions may have equivalent terms for
>Jivan-mukhtas, but the state of the individual remains the same - total

No. The jivan-mukta theory is found only in the Advaita School. The Nyaya-
Vaishesika as well as Dvaita and Sri Vaishnava school of vedanta do not
accept the jivan-mukhta theory. Completely detachment from samsara comes
only after videha-mukthi.

It is not possible to be totally detached and yet be in samsara. This is
evident in the hasta of lord venkateshwara in tirumala. After complete
sharanagathi to the feet of lord venkateshwara, he lifts you up only knee
deep from the ocean of samsara, indicating that complete moksha occurs only
after videha mukthi, not before that.

This is just to make the point of Vaishnava schools of thought on the jivan-
muktha theory. I do not wish to start a thread on this topic.


Malolan Cadambi
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