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>First of all, I want to state that I do not intend to demean any
>guru by posting this mail, and hence not offend the guru's
>followers. The nature of my question is, in a way, probing to
>understand the spiritual evolution process of individuals.
>I am asking these questions below to understand the spiritual
>evolution considering that a 'Jivan-mukta' is the highest
>spiritually evolved individual. The Dvaitins, Vaishnavas and other
>religions may have equivalent terms for Jivan-mukhtas, but the state
>of the individual remains the same - total detachment. In the modern
>India, we find that some gurus are siddha purushas and do not in
>anyway seem to be totally detached. We find some gurus like Akkalkot
>Maharaj and Shirdi Baba who were Jivan-mukthas and at the same time
>performed miracles. We have seen some recent Jivan-mukthas like
>Ramana Maharishi rarely performing any miracles.
>Some of the authentic literature (by Swami Vivakananda and others)
>portray that people performing miracles with the intention of
>attracting crowds are charlatans. I would like to understand the
>nature of spiritual advancement, and whether demonstrating
>supernatural powers, is a manifestation of divinity. I am being told
>that some yogis attain these powers and fall down eventually and
>become yoga brashtas. Though these powers may remain with them, they
>have fallen spiritually, as they do not progress towards the state
>of Jivan-mukhti.
>Please let me know if anyone has more inofrmation on this topic.

Ravi  - Bajagovindam says:
        yogaratova bhogaratova sangaratova sanghavihiinaH|
        yadat brahmani ramate chittam nandati nandati nadatyeva|
It is not where he is or what he does but where his mind is - Rama
did not do any miracles but Krishana did from his child hood.  Who
could be the judge of the mental state of another?

The bottom line - let us not judge others who is a real j~naani or
who is a charlatons.  Whether one does miracles or not is not the
question - the only question is how are their disciples - are they
evolving in their pursuits - If at all, judge the gurus in terms of
how much benefit his disciples are getting by surrendering to that
teacher.  We had gurus like Rajanesh and We also have gurus like
Shiridi Sai Baba and other Baba-s.  How much of their disciples are
evolved - and that is more a litmus test.

But my suggestion is not even bother to judge the gurus - question is
only  am I getting benefit in the association with that mahatma.  If
not he is not my teacher.  If he is then he is providing the sat
sangh I need.  It is only question of judging oneself and not others.
Ultimately everything is the Lord.  I will be less and less
judgemental if I start seeing His Glory in all these manifestations.
Who am I to question what is the right manifestation?

Hari Om!

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