a big WHY

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Can you kindly translate in English ?
As well, if you could briefly explain gauDapAdakArikA, it would be useful.
I'll try to find out the meaning here in the meanwhile.

Shree guruBHyo namaH|

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> Shree gurubhyo namaH |
> Thanks to all for clarifying my question on Karma.
> Why did Bhagawan create this world ? Why did He choose to create
> varieties of living organisms over millions of years ?Why did he decide
> to have these Devas, Asuras, Manushyas, Dharma, Adharma , pancha
> Bhoothaas,cycles of Yugas, His ten avathaars ? Why did he create the
> concepts of good bad, thrigunas, and every single thing that exists
> today ?  Why did he decide to keep one organism to be Manushya with
> ability to think and rationalize only to ultimately know Him and get
> back to Him ? Why didnt he opt to let a Jeevathma not take up any jenma
> at all ?  Why shouldnt He have not opted to continue being Him without
> doing all these that too in cycles ?
> Shree gurubhyo namaH |
> Prasad
na nirOdhO na cOtpattir na baddhO na ca sAdhakah
na mumukshur na vai mukta ityEshA paramArthatA.

           gauDapAdakArikA II-32



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