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I am continuing this after a long break. I am planning to put together
whatever I have posted and the corrections in a WWW page.  My
translation will have errors (read at your own risk), transliteration
of the original text was provided by Savithri Devaraj. Corrections are

ambaaL daasan

sha.nakara bhAShya

ShaT prashnAH kathitAH | teshu pAshchaatyo.anataro japya viShayaH
ShaShThaH prashnaH anena shlokena parihrIyate bhiiShma uvAcheti ||

Translation of the bhAShya

Six questions were asked. Of them the sixth and last question
concerning the japa or repetition of mantra is answered in the next
verse starting with "bhIShma spoke".

Verse from the text

shrii bhIShma uvAcha-

jagatprabhuM devadevamanantaM puruShottamam.h |
stuvannAma sahasreNa puruShaH satatotthitaH || 4 ||

Translation of the verse

shrii bhIShma spoke:

Singing the glories of the Lord of the Universe, who is the Lord all
divine beings, who transcends all (or infinite) and the supreme
puruSha, constantly with His 1000 names, one can  overcome all the

sha.nkara bhaashhya:

sarveShAM bahirantaH shatrUNAM bhayahetuH bhIShmaH moxadharmAdInAM
pravaktA sarvaGYaH ||

jagat.h ja~NgamAja~NmAtmakam.h tasya prabhuH svAmI tam.h, devadevaM
devAnAM brahmAdInAM devam.h, anantaM deshataH kAlataH
vastutashchAparichChinnam.h purushottamaM xarAxarAbhyAM
kAryakAraNAbhyAmutkR^iShTam.h, nAmasahasreNa nAmnAM sahasreNa stuvan.h
guNasaMkIrtanaM kurvan.h satatotthitaH nirantaramudhyuktaH
puruShaH-pure shayanAdyA pUrNatvAdyA puruShaH- 'sarva duHkhAtigo
bhavet.h' iti sarvatra saMbadhyate ||

uttareNa  shlokena chaaaturthaH prashnaH parihriyate --

Translation of the bhAShya :

sarveShAM bahirantaH shatrUNAM bhayahetuH bhIShmaH moxadharmAdInAM
pravaktA sarvaGYaH ||

bhIShma is the one who causes terror to all the internal and external
enemies. He is the authority of all scriptures which discuss about
dharma and moxa, and he is all knowing.

jagat.h ja~NgamAja~NmAtmakam.h

The word jagat means the Universe comprising of  moving and the

tasya prabhuH svAmI tam.h

He is its lord and one who has it has it under his control.

devadevaM devAnAM brahmAdInAM devam.h

The term deva-devam means He is the Lord of all divine beings starting
from brahma.

anantaM deshataH kAlataH vastutashchAparichChinnam.h

The term anantam indicates that He transcends all limitations such as
place, time and objects.

purushottamaM xarAxarAbhyAM kAryakAraNAbhyAmutkR^iShTam.h

By the name purushhottama it is indicated that HE is above the
perishable and the imperishable, and outside/above the realm of  cause
and effects.

nAmasahasreNa nAmnAM sahasreNa

The term nAmasahasreNa indicates the thousand names of the Lord.

stuvan.h guNasaMkIrtanaM kurvan.h

By the word stuvan, it is indicates that one who sings the names
understanding HIS attributes described the names.

satatotthitaH nirantaramudyuktaH

The term satatottita means constantly/always  intent upon it and
practices the singing of the names.

puruShaH-pure shayanAdyA pUrNatvAdyA puruShaH

The the puruSha indicates man because either he is inherently Complete
or he is established in the puri or heart.

- 'sarva duHkhAtigo bhavet.h' iti sarvatra saMbadhyate ||

Crosses or overcomes all the sorrows that haunt him in this saMsaara.
This final phrase should be attached to the next few verses also to
make the meaning complete. This phrase comes from the question.

uttareNa  shlokena chaaaturthaH prashnaH parihriyate --

In the next shloka, 4th question is answered.

ambaaL daasan


sharaNAgata raxakI nivEyani sadA ninnu nammiti mInAxI

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