VaidhyanAdha dhIkshithIyam

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Thu Aug 16 14:22:20 CDT 2001

Thanks to Dr. Marur I got this book from India. The book is printed at a
highly discounted price (only 35 Rs) and rest is covered by charitable acts
of a few involved in that process.   The title of the book was given by
paramacharya and in the preface etc. it is explicitly mentioned by the
original name vaidyanAtha diixitiyam.

The best feature of this book is  IT IS COPYRIIGHT FREE. It was the command
of paramacharya that this book SHOULD BE PUBLISHED WITHOUT COPYRIGHT. This
is explicitly mentioned in the preface. This was done to enable others to
reprint the book, if required.

So what next? somehow we have to ITRANS_it and with English translation and
make it available via internet. Original verses are printed in Sanskrit in
this book and supported by a tamil translation. If any of you would like to
volunteer, let me know.


On Wed, 20 Jun 2001 11:56:35 +0700, smarur at i... wrote:

>There is a tamil translation of smrithi muktAphalam, known
>as vaidhyanAdha dhIkshithIyam, compiled and translated by
>Sri Venkatrama Shastry and Ramamoorthy Shastry, at the behest
>of srI KAnchi ParamAchAryAl in 1985.
>The details of this book are as follows:
>Title: samkshEpa dharma sAstram
>Author: Manjakudi VenkatrAma shAstry et al.
>Publishers: Heritage India Educational Trust,
> #6, Sanskrit College street,
> Mylapore, Chennai - 600 004
> (Copies can be purchased form
> Dr R. Krishnamurthy shAstry,
> at this address)
>Latest edition: Third, 1990
>Pages: XXIII + 416
>Price: Rs. 25/-
>This book deals with the following topics in detail:
>varnAshrama dharma prakaranam (d.p.), Ahnika d.p.,
>Asoucha d.p., srAdhdha d.p., thithi nirnaya d.p.,
>and prAyaschitha d.p.

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