Understanding Sada's Advaita

nanda chandran vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Aug 7 11:11:01 CDT 2001

Sada, before we go any further let's first discuss your interpretation of

If I understand you right you say all the world exists only because you
perceive it and apart from your perception/consciousness of it, the world
doesn't exist. So you are in it and it is in you.

This stance would not only include the external world but also include the
body since you're aware of it. Not only this we have to consider the mind
too. You've said : "I include the  mind and everything else".

When you perceive an object - say the computer before you - yes, it may
exist only because you perceive it, but again are you the computer? Since
you've said that it is *you* who perceives the computer, I take it that
you're the subject and the computer is the object (this definition I would
think is reasonable irrespective of whether the object exists only because
you perceive it - you're in it and it is in you).

So even if the object is in you and you are in the object, still you are
different from the object. Right?

Please verify this for me. Clearly explain what you are and what the object
that you perceive is and the relation between you two. Then we'll take this
discussion further.

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