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Fri Sep 29 16:44:06 CDT 2000

Namaste -

My name is now Ganga Karmokar.... I am at present living in  India with my
husband... My intrest in Advaita is simply that it is the Truth of Being....
not being a scholar, no was i a student of Advaita until after direct
realization of the truth.... since then reading Astavakra Gita and
Vivekcudamani  also some of the Upanishads it was the experience of YES!
YES! YES! Absolute truth.... " there are as many illusions of truth" as
there are so-called individuals... but in Realization the Truth is One....
if you wish to check out my site before adding me to your list that is
here is a short excert from a letter posted on the site....


" There is nothing that is to be learned, it is more of a process of letting
go... you do not gain anything... how can you gain what has always been and
will always be Reality.... You only drop the illusions of truth and
surrender all the so-called knowledge you have gained... only then are the
illusions dispelled and the Light of Truth remains... and Self is KNOWN..
Beyond mind, beyond time, beyond body, beyond the transient realm of Maya to
the Constant -- which IS the Self Alone...."

Love and Blessings  ganga

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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