Adhyaatmic significance of navaraatri

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Hari Om

As some members have mentioned, it is true that Godess Saraswathi is
worshipped on the 7th day - sapthamI. But the 8th day is celebrated as
Durgaashtami, which does not suit my explanation of Godess Durga being
worshipped on the first three days. I was only explaining the spiritual
significance of worshipping the three deities which helps a saadhaka to
first cleanse his mind, then cultivate it well and then receive
knowledge. The names of the dieties or the order of their worshipping do
not matter here. All deities are the swaroopa of that parabrahman only.
Sarva dEva namaskaara.h  kEshavam prati gachchati .

The word ' nivaaranam ' means to ward off or to prevent. I think even
before the enemy approaches the shamI leaves can ward them off ! ( I
quoted from memory and am not too sure whether the word is ' nivaaranam
' or ' vinaashanam ' )

Last week we had been to Sringeri. Had very good darshanam of H.H. Spoke
to Him and took His blessings. We were lucky to attend the ' Araadhana "
mahotsava of H.H.Sri Abhinava VidyaathIrtha swamiji. It is celebrated
for three days - a day before, on that day and the day after. Swamiji
Himself sits inside the adhishtaanam and does the abhishekha to the
lingam - once in the afternoon and once in the night after the usual
Chandramouleshwara pooja. We could attend only he first two days'
ceremonies. H.H.Sri Bhaarathi Theertha swamiji has composed many shlokas
and songs on Sri Shankaraachaarya, the previous pontiffs and on other
deities which have been set to different tunes and are very melodiously
sung by one Chi Shaarada, who is a resident of Sringeri. The cassettes
are available  and the second volume will be released shortly, I

Latha Vidyaranya

SaraswatI nrityatu vaachi mE sadA

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