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Ravisankar S. Mayavaram miinalochanii at YAHOO.COM
Tue Sep 26 09:53:40 CDT 2000

> >is just my gut-feeling.  I am surprised to learn of the mention in
> the
> >Madhavia Dig-vijaya.  This could alter my opinion.  Do you know the
> exact
> >reference?
> >

There is a mention  (see 93-97 verses, almost at the end) which says
that shankara at badari taught his commentary of sutra-s to students of
patanjali school. Then it says, they accepted his doctrine is better
and correct than their own (I am using my words, refer to the
original). If you can not find this, I can give you the page number,
etc tomorrow.

Here you could take the sutra-s to be brahma suutra-s or yoga suutra-s.
The English translation I have does not mention what suutra-s
explicitly.  One could argue for both. Original text of the dig-vijaya
is available in UT Austin library (by K. Padmanabhan, if I remember
coorectly). You can get the complete record from there and check out
the original as well.  I have not read the sanskrit text though. I just
saw that once.

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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