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Mon Sep 25 10:41:18 CDT 2000

The post has comeout in adviataL list but not in others yet.  Shree Sundar
Hattangadi pointed out to me that kartR^itvam as I had in the previous
posts IIIC was correct - and note the change I made in the IIID text as
katR^itvam - Please make the needed correction. Thanks to Sunder. His
glossary of words are really helpful. From my next post on I will add
Sunder's file as reference for those who want to keep up with the new terms
that are being introduced.
Hari Om!

>From Sunder:
 akartR^itvam is correct!  [same applies to all words ending in ..rtaa
[bhartaa, hartaa, dhartaa, &c.]

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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