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>Let us for a moment pause and think about 'Shastra
>Why is it that there are no more additions to 'Shastra

Shaastra as shruti as Vedas are considered as 'apaurusheya' non-authored by
the humans.  Bhagavaan himself is considered as the author of the Veda-s.
In fact, some aachaarya-s, such as Madhva, consider that they are eternal
too.  From advaita point they are as real as the duality since I am
different from shaastra - as exemplifed by Shree Saxena's comments on the
Shankara Adhyaasa bhaasyam which is being posted by Ravi.  Hence they
become part of the adhyaasa too!  But till one crosses the ocean of
samsaara they are the tools needed to cross over.  Let us not misunderstand
that aspect.  Even in Adviata, Veda-s are considered as apurusheya and
hence pramaaNa.

Hence in principle one cannot add and substract from it.  Besides there
nothing much one can add and substract since what is needed is already
discussed in that.

The experience of sages upto now only confirm what is discussed in the
shaastra.  Those who disagreed at least parts of it formed their own
darshaNams - but most of that disagreed portions are refuted by Veda vyaasa
in the suutra-s.

Hari OM!

>We are told that the Shastras are nothing but the
>revelations to ancient rishis and collected and
>codified by the venerable Vyasa. Is it that after the
>so far codified revelations to Rishis , there are no
>more revelations to later "Rishis'? Or is it that the
>calibre of rishis have, over the period of time,
>reduced to 'zero'?
>Why should we atall accept 'Anirvachaniyam'?Is it that
>we surrender to the thought and fact of our inability
>to probe further and so accept defeat?
>I continue to think on those lines------.
>Hari Om.
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>bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam
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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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