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> Thanks Anand - It may be a good idea to discuss all
> these aspects related
> to adhyaasa before we enter into the suutra-s.
 Shaastra pramaaNa is
> the only available
> means.  This aspect will be discussed in the next
> few notes.
> Hari OM!
> Sadananda
Let us for a moment pause and think about 'Shastra

Why is it that there are no more additions to 'Shastra

We are told that the Shastras are nothing but the
revelations to ancient rishis and collected and
codified by the venerable Vyasa. Is it that after the
so far codified revelations to Rishis , there are no
more revelations to later "Rishis'? Or is it that the
calibre of rishis have, over the period of time,
reduced to 'zero'?

Why should we atall accept 'Anirvachaniyam'?Is it that
we surrender to the thought and fact of our inability
to probe further and so accept defeat?

I continue to think on those lines------.

Hari Om.


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