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namaste Sadanandaji

1) Besides the notes of Swami Paramarthananda do you follow any other
book on this subject. If yes, can you give  us the references. I went
through the adhyaasa bhaashyam translation given in Apte and partly in
Swami Vishwesvarananda. I should say, your notes are much better and
easier to read. I thank you (again) sincerely for that.

2) I request you to pause the series for a week or so. I   am  (and
probably others) still in 3a (even though I have read that twice so
far). I want to make full use of this series. I would be grateful if it
goes slowly and alos if other members come forward and share their


In 3a - section 3.4 you seem to imply that brahman has a samanya and
vishesha amsha. Am I reading this correct?  brahman is nirguNa, it
cannot have any visheshha amsha at all. When we say aananda, we should
take it to mean that it transcends sukha and duHkha.  Not that aananda
is an attribute of brahman. In "I am samsarii" what remains is only "I

Also one should note that, "I am" in "I am samsaari"  has many levels
of adhyaasa in it. When I say "I am fat", I mean that my body is fat.
It means the I the jiiva, who now I identifies itself with this body,
thinks that this body is fat. Even I the jiiva, is something really
mixed up with mind, etc. What I am trying to say, is there are many
levels of super-imposition one on another, built over a long period of
time. They have to peeled away one by one. Then what remains is "is".
brahman being nirguNa cannot say "I am such and such", the "I am" that
says is not brahman but something else.

Please correct me.


a) Also I request the readers to refer to the article "A vedanta
toolkit" and the threads that followed on it. In that subhanu saxenaji
has some points on adhyasa.

b) Is there a  good book on brahma suutra like the one on giita by
krishna warrier, which gives the sanskrit in a more readable form with
an accurate translation?


Thank you.


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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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