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Dear members, mumuxus, and muktas,

It does feel funny to write an introduction to the Advaita list. I guess
first name "Chaitanya" says it all! Anyway, for the record, I was
brought up
in Pune, a bustling city in western India. Presently, I'm working in the
Boston area. I have never been formally coached in Advaita although I
been interested in it since my early childhood and have taught myself a
thing or two. My interest is more than simply academic-I want to take
advantage of this rare human birth and wake up from this nightmarish
intended) transmigratory existence. Having lived a major part of my life
Maharashtra (a state in India), I have been profoundly influenced by its
devotional mysticism. I'm strongly convinced that loving devotion to
Hari is the surest and quickest way to the supreme goal. I was glad to
that Bhakti is not considered to be a taboo by the members of this list.
That's one of the reasons why I chose to join this list. Another being
I'm sick and tired of "hypermodern Advaita" propounded by new-age
who simply use flowery words such as "just be", "quit the effort" and
dismiss the real struggle which most of us (at least myself) have to
So, in short, classical Advaita is what I hope to learn and apply. I may
have many (stupid) questions which I hope will not offend the learned
pundits of this list.

Best wishes,


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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