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Just as a side thought, I recently came to know the deeper meaning of the
word medhA Sakthi from a discourse by Swami Dayananda Saraswati.  I was all
along thinking that medhA referred to the retention capacity of the mind.
But I heard more enlightened meaning about medhA.

medhA is retention capacity only in part.  It primarily refers to the
capacity of the mind to hold a topic in consideration, and to hold all the
facets related to the topic simultaneously and hence be able to look at it
from all angles, and while analyzing from a particular angle, not letting
other facets of the topic fall off from attention.  And added to that, is
needed the capacity to hold the topic as long as is needed without getting
distracted, without getting tired and without losing interest, till a
resolution is reached for the topic under consideration.

All these together constitute medhA Sakthi, an essential ingredient for
Vedantic analysis/thought.  My the Lord provide us all with enough medhA
Sakthi to understand Vedanta.

OM Tat Sat.

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> As desired by a member, I am posting the translation of the Medha Sukta by
> Dr. Usha Bhise (reference at the end)without any modification.
> Medha Sukta (Rigveda Khila 4.8.1-9)
> The Angirases (have given) me intelligence. The seven sages have given me
> intelligence and Indra and Agni (have given me) intelligence. May the
> disposer give me intelligence. ||1||
> May King Varuna (bestow) intelligence on me. May goddess Sarasvati
> intelligence on me. May the two gods Asvina having garlands of lotuses
> bestow intelligence on me. ||2||
> The intelligence which (rests) among Apsarases, the mind which (stays) in
> the Gandharvas, the intelligence which is divine as well as human, may
> enter me here. ||3||
> What I have learnt (from the teacher) may be gratified, what I am learning
> (-of that I) should have potency. I listen to the knowledge in me which is
> already heard. May I be in the company of the vow. May we be united with
> Brahman. ||4||
> O wise man! My body (and) my speech is full of sweet. I milk it. I have
> grown. This is Surya, (you) be the axle pin of the Brahman. Do not discard
> my knowledge. ||5||
> May be goddess Medha, throbbing in my mind, liked by the Gandharva,
> gladdening for us. Proclaim Medha for me, proclaim glory for me. Being
> active and practicing (religion), may I be possessed of Medha. ||6||
> I have gone to the invulnerable lord of the assembly the dear one coveted
> Indra, to Medha, the conquerer. ||7||
> May I be possessed of Medha, having good thoughts, having a good face,
> having a mind full of shraddha, having thoughts about shraddha, having
> intentions, possessing great fame, retainer (of the knowledge), prominent
> speaker in the application of this (mantra) with a desire for the lord.
> ||8||
> Medha, upon who the hosts of gods and manes wait, with that Medha, O Agni,
> make me possessed of intelligence today. ||9||
> Reference: The Khila Suktas of the Rgveda: A Study; Usha R. Bhise;
> Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute; Poona; 1995
> Sincerely,
> Vishal
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