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As desired by a member, I am posting the translation of the Medha Sukta by
Dr. Usha Bhise (reference at the end)without any modification.

Medha Sukta (Rigveda Khila 4.8.1-9)

The Angirases (have given) me intelligence. The seven sages have given me
intelligence and Indra and Agni (have given me) intelligence. May the
disposer give me intelligence. ||1||

May King Varuna (bestow) intelligence on me. May goddess Sarasvati (bestow)
intelligence on me. May the two gods Asvina having garlands of lotuses
bestow intelligence on me. ||2||

The intelligence which (rests) among Apsarases, the mind which (stays) in
the Gandharvas, the intelligence which is divine as well as human, may that
enter me here. ||3||

What I have learnt (from the teacher) may be gratified, what I am learning
(-of that I) should have potency. I listen to the knowledge in me which is
already heard. May I be in the company of the vow. May we be united with
Brahman. ||4||

O wise man! My body (and) my speech is full of sweet. I milk it. I have
grown. This is Surya, (you) be the axle pin of the Brahman. Do not discard
my knowledge. ||5||

May be goddess Medha, throbbing in my mind, liked by the Gandharva,
gladdening for us. Proclaim Medha for me, proclaim glory for me. Being
active and practicing (religion), may I be possessed of Medha. ||6||

I have gone to the invulnerable lord of the assembly the dear one coveted by
Indra, to Medha, the conquerer. ||7||

May I be possessed of Medha, having good thoughts, having a good face,
having a mind full of shraddha, having thoughts about shraddha, having good
intentions, possessing great fame, retainer (of the knowledge), prominent
speaker in the application of this (mantra) with a desire for the lord.

Medha, upon who the hosts of gods and manes wait, with that Medha, O Agni,
make me possessed of intelligence today. ||9||

Reference: The Khila Suktas of the Rgveda: A Study; Usha R. Bhise;
Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute; Poona; 1995



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