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Thank you very much for the statement. It aptly reflects my feelings. Also
my other issue was I did not easy access to mail. But soon I will have set
up my home computer and I will participate if I have anything worthwhile to
add. Or ask my questions.

Also I must thank you for the knowledge shared. I thank all list members for
sharing this wealth of knowledge. Is it not said that "Knowledge grows with

I assure you i will participate to my limited capability from October...

In the one,

>From: "Jaldhar H. Vyas" <jaldhar at>
>Reply-To: List for advaita vedanta as taught by Shri Shankara
>Subject: Re: Member Participation
>Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 08:39:49 -0400
>On Thu, 31 Aug 2000, S. V. Subrahmanian wrote:
> > Dear Shri Raviji,
> >
> > I read your mail regarding people not participating.
> >
> > Among the 125+ that you mentioned there might be atleast
> > 20, (pure guess), who might be new to Vedanta.
> > Their participation might be curtailed by lack of
> > knowledge of certain Vedantic vocabulary used freely, by some
> > of the very erudite, veteran members.  Either they may have
> > difficulty following it or they may be feel shy for they may
> > not feel confident of asking.
> >
>Yes people have actually said this to us.  They find the discussions
>forbidding and wonder if they'll get flamed for posting on simple topics.
>While I think in this list we do not take kindly to those who spout their
>own views without understanding, if someone has a sincere desire to know
>-- even if he has doubts -- they should feel free to post without
>hesitation.  Because doubts cannot be removed if they are just
>supressed.  I have full confidence that Advaita Vedanta can withstand any
>amount of scrutiny.
>Also it is good even for the veterans to go back and look at
>"beginners" topics from time to time.  When I started my study of the
>Bhagavata some people asked me why?  Wasn't I "beyond" that sort of
>thing?  Because the perception was that the Bhagavata Purana is for old
>ladies and illiterate people etc.  But in fact it contains the highest
>philosophy as well as the purest Bhakti.
> > I have a suggestion in that regard.  If you permit me I will
> > start a series on a very simple text, a prakaraNa grantha ie.,
> > TATWABODHA by Shri Shankara which can be viewed as a book
> > of working definitions.  It is a very good "first-book" for
> > all beginners, that will get them acquainted to Vedantic terms.
> > That might hopefully give the beginner members SOME background
> > to assimilate scholarly postings.
> >
> > For eg., members who post regularly might use the word
> > "sAdhanachatushtayam", (certainly very simple for those who already
> > which if the reader does not understand precisely what it means, he is
> > practically barred from enjoying the posting.
> >
> > Also, many words like for eg., simplest being Sraddha, have been
> > understood loosely, by different people differently.  There are tons
> > of quotations floating around explaining, defining faith.  But
> > in Vedanta, it is important that we understand it the way our
> > AchAryAs (primarily Shri Shankara), have understood and used them.
> >
> > I am benefitting by reading that book.  I think some more might benefit.
> > if you think, it is too sub-standard for the list,  I will skip the idea
> > (for I do understand that it is basic material).  Also, just to ensure
> > that no errors would creep through my postings, I will stay TRUE to the
> > edition by Sri Chinmaya Mission Central Trust.
> >
> > I also seek the permission of the List Administrator Shri Jaldharji.
> >
>I'm sure neither Ravi, Vaidya or I would object to this wonderful
>idea.  However if you are going to quote extensively froma copyrighted
>work, you must get the permission of the copyright holder.  (small
>excerpts are considered "fair use" and are ok.)  Other alternatives would
>be to do your own translation using the one you've got only as a guide or
>to paraphrase.
>Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at>
>bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam
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