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Namaste Sri.Sadaananda,

1. I have been studying the notes regularly  __ yes   _X_ no.
    was regular for some time, but the arguments (from list members) and the
counter arguments got too esoteric for me.

2. I had previous background of Vedanta __ yes ___ no  _X_Somewhat

3. I had previous background of Brahmasuutra ____yes _X_no

4. Clarity of the Notes       _X_ Very Clear
                    ____ so -so
                    ____ not clear

5. Use of Sanskrit                 _X__ Helpful for the notes
                    ____  obstructing the flow of logic
                    ____ can be ignored and notes is still clear

6. Sanskrit                ___ completely should be excluded
                     _____ should be decreased to help my study
                     _____   continue at the current pace since
                         it helps me to learn Sanskrit as well.
                    __X__ I enjoy the Sanskrit part too.
7. I stopped reading the notes, because
          _____ I last interest
          __X_  I don?t have time now, saving it for later study
               ____  Sanskrit turned me off.  If there is no Sanskrit I will
the study again.

8. The notes:            __X_ logically presented.
                    ____ logic is not clear
                    ____ too much emphasis on logic

9.  The notes  __X__ Too detailed
         __X__ detailed but helpful to understand the logic
          ____ should be condensed to a bear minimum
          ____ should be more detailed

10 The notes        ___ should be continued at the same pace
               ____ should be continued twice a week
               __X__ should be continued one in TWO weeks
               ____ should be discontinued

11. General comments ?Please feel free to express them -  about the
contents, quality and problems and suggestions for improvement.

I am a starting sadhaki.  Although I have a lot of interest in Vedanta, a
lot of things are competing for my time at this stage in my life - kids,
work and household duties are some. If the notes are shorter, I may not put
it off when I see it.

I appreciate the great effort going into a presentation like this and trying
to accomadate to a heterogeneous group like Advaita-L or ChinmayaSatsanga.
Like most other readers, I try to read these posts during lunch or free time
at work. My hope is, at some future time I will still have the interest and
the time to assimilate such presentations.

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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