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namaste -
this will be my last posting on this site... please e-mail me directly and
not post through the advaita line... i am most willing to answer any
questions that you may have... but please do it offline so as not to
interfere with the ongoing text discussions....

The silence referred to is absolute internal silence and stillness... where
mind chatter and thought have ended..
silence itself is not necessarily non-dual in nature but you must reach the
silence before you can go beyond to the non-dual....There is no
contradiction and the paradoxes cease... Rational or Relative mind cannot
comprehend nor manufacture the non-dual...
How can this be best stated? The first feeling of a shift comes when the
mind is silent... it is as if it has just dropped and a silent peace
remains... you can't miss it... the first time it is rather startling....
You begin to be witness... just seeing with no thought or judgment... clear
seeing and perceptions non-filtering.. finally through contemplation you see
and know absolutely you are not the body mind nor emotions... You are in the
silence then there seems to be a shift... more like a shattering.... all the
rest drops away and what remains is that there is no longer even the
witness... nor that which is witnessed... you have ceased as personality and
are pure pristine awareness... it is not experience but that is the closest
word to use... Simply in a flash all you have thought to be true drops....
There is no consicousness of any of the 5 senses as such.... You are not in
the senses yet you are perceiving and know it to be absolute Reality....
More "real" than anything ever witnessed or experienced in the Maya realm of
relative conditionings....
there is no form.... nor thought... no outer or no inner... no perception of
senses.... but Clearly ... ABSOLUTELY.... The Primal Source.... BRAHMAN...
the Constant IS.... and you are conscious that THAT IS ALL THERE IS.... YOU
Source ...from then on maya no longer exists in the same way... You know it
to be empty in nature as a waking dream state... and in its emptiness it is
also non-dual in Nature....and instead of trying to find the many contained
in the ONE... you KNOW that the ONE is and there is the illusion of the
Only relative knowledge takes place in the Maya realm... Knowledge of the
Absolute is not gained by relative experience... Only when you give up
relative experience and have no desire for the world of maya can realization
happen.... And once Anand rises as it will when the silence is reached you
will have NO problem in seeing that maya has nothing to offer...
Right thinking is valuable in the realm of duality... when black and white
exist as reality for you... Then YES you must persue the most satvic or
highest path of truth which you comprehend.... But you must be willing to
drop the notions of right/wrong.... black/white etc... and the last great
fear must end... the fear that with realization that you will cease to
exist... and that the Void is Death (non-consciousness) while in a sense you
do cease to exist as you know personality comes only with form... but at
that point you no longer care whether you are in form or not... In fact when
all that is... is the absolute then only Bliss and Wholeness is... and void
is life not death...
But not everyone is ready for Self-Introspection, Contemplation, and Silent
Awareness... so yes discussion of the Sutras is very valuable...but in the
end that also must be dropped... when  you go as far as you can by effort
then all effort must be dropped and surrendered... When all is dropped in
the right timing then the "experience" of realization... or the
crystalization that you are only Brahman and the shattering of ideations and
conditionings and maya will happen.... and instead of reading about it you
will BE IT... all can and must reach as it must be.... for maya is illusion
and realization is simply the Truth of Being....
It is as a garden you plant the seed of truth with the water
it with Contemplation... you pull the weeds with introspection... you feed
and nourish the soil with Awareness... when you have done all you can do you
relax into the silence and let it be.... and when the fruit is ripe you will
reap realization....
Then you will see there was nothing to gain by relative knowledge... that it
is all empty... mind games come and go...but Truth is the Constant... if it
is relative truth then it is of the transient and will eventually come to no
Realization does help in the transient realm of Maya.... when you Know the
Constant then that which is ever in flux does not disturb you in the
least... When you have gone beyond relative thought and mind into the
emptiness then you can see mind without distortion... When you have come to
the truth of existance then you are no longer bound by society and
traditions or self-inflicted conditionings and bondages... You are free....
This is MOKSHA... Absolute Liberation.....

any that wish to discuss this please feel free to contact me directly but do
not tie up the advaita line... i respect the wishes of the moderator to keep
it clear for only debating and commenting on long established sutras.... in
a scholarly approach to learning...

please contact me at my private address....

crystalkundalini at

(P.S.) there is a site where all my writings and some letter excerpts are
posted if you are interested but please contact me directly for the e-mail
address as it is not right to post it here)

Love and Blessings to all on your continued journey home to the essense of
your Being which is only BRAHMAN.....
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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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