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Namaste -
Please do not think that it is an easy endeavor... it is not there may only
be comments on my own path so to speak.. and it was over 35+ years of
contemplation and introspection... years of praying for wisdom... agony of
soul... absolute desire only to know the truth... wanting nothing of life or
relative existance... wanting only liberation from the world... never could
it be said that it can happen overnight for one beginning on the path to
realization.... yes Realization happens in an split instance of eternity...
but it takes lifetimes and determination to reach.... and yes you must use
intellect etc but eventually when you reach the wall and have done all you
can do then and only then is everything surrendered....
you will not find truth in crystals or tarot or any other device... perhaps
they may spur you on your path for sometime until you transcend and see them
as useless... and eventually that will happen for those that are caught up
into that "reality" now..... another illusion of truth created by mind in
and siddhis come and go.... they will also come but are dropped as you see
they only contribute to ego.... they are still games of mind...
Yes you may have a concept of Brahman... but then you are looking for that
concept to be fullfilled.... if you go in with no concepts then you will
know it is not mind playing but reality.... mind can oblige by creating any
concept that you are holding... if there is no concept all that can come
forth is truth....
they (the sages and rishis) wrote to try to explain their experience... to
show what was absolute reality to them.... yes to help others... but you can
only explain your experience in words of duality... and cannot convey what
is beyond mind so that anyone else can truly taste the Bliss and Freeing
that happens.... we can state Self Effulgent... but then it is wrong as Self
would seem to denote personality - aspect - form... and it is not.... and
Effulgent would seem to indicate that it is something that is seen....and it
is not.... you KNOW that it is... but there is not any subject nor object to
be viewed... so what is trying to be explained is impossible in the long
run.... approximations are given... as it is like this but it is not
this.... and the paradoxes used to explain are not paradoxes in reality...
only in the relative existance of form it has the appearance of paradox....
why do the sages write.... out of compassion... because you KNOW that all
bondage is self created out of ignorance... but at the same time you know
that this is all illusion of mind as in a dream and the absoulute reality is
that ALL perceivable forms have emerged from the Essense and will return to
the Essense... while this is also not rightly stated.... it is more correct
to say they have never been born nor never died.... that Essense or seed
that is Self is Eternally the Same.... nothing in the relative world touches
it or changes it in any way.... you are not you... you are not
personality... you do not exist in one level and yet on the other hand you
could say that the transient world is and it is non-dual in nature due to
its emptiness.... Either way is correct.... Reality and Maya are a wonderful
mystery.... a wonderful happening.....

Love and Blessings
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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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hari om,
om namo bhagavate vasudevaya.

my dear list members,

this bhagavatam rendering has once again had some obstacle and the
" mriyamaanasya kim kartavya.h " of king parikshit to sage shuka has
once again set my mind thinking as to what is more important to be done
now - continuing bhagavatam or concentrate on my saadhana ? it is not
only king parikshit who is facing death, but every one of us. the king
knew when his end would come, but we unfortunate ones do not even know
that. mrityu is like our shadow, it is following us everywhere. when, at
what time it would devour us, no one knows. i have started feeling that
i should not spend any more time writing emails to the list. i would
like to severe myself of the committment that i have made to the list of
narrating bhagavatam and instead concentrate on shravana, manana and
nidhidhyaasana. i am fortunate to have got a guru who is dakshinamurthy
swaroopa himself. when a guru is there to lift me up from this ocean of
samsaara, why should i hang on to the list ? please do not think that i
am selfish. "udhdharet aatman aatmaanam ". If i do my sadhana well and
it fructifies, then all of you are also uplifted, for when the hour of
truth comes, neither I nor You are there. I and you are all the creation
of my own antahkarana, the maya-ic creation. spending time in front of
the computer has also made me neglect lot of my other house hold duties
which are but a true sadhana for a house wife. hence i have decided to
bid good bye to all of you. if my introductory narration of bhagavatam
has evinced interest in atleast a few of you to read the purana fully, i
consider my attempt successful. i am sure there are many learned members
in the list who can continue from where i have left and complete it. our
own vyaas maharshi, sri jaldhar vyaas, can do better justice to the
narration, i feel. i am sorry once again. but this welling of an urgent
desire for saadhana and abandon everything except my obligatory duties
has forced me to write this message to you all.

my love and best wishes to all of you.
kindly permit me to sign off.
om namo bhagavate vasudevaya
hari om

sampraapte sannihite kaale nahi nahi rakshati drukyuinkarane
bhaja govindam bhaja govindam govindam bhaja moodamate.

latha vidyaranya.........................only a name and form, a shoonya
without the chetana

list managers,
kindly sign me off. thanks for all the affectionate cooperation.

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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