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Namaste - Answer to S. V. Subrahmanian
Please do not mis-understand... Absolutely what sankara said and has written
is Absolute Truth.... what is being said is that for now while you may
believe it to be true until you have direct realization it is only
conjecture on your part... that is all.... no more no less... hopefully what
the sages have written will spur you on to your own self discovery... to
want to drop all the conditionings and ideations that keep you bound in the
world of maya....
There is NO SYSTEM of self discovery.... no one pat formula... it is simply
simplifying your existance and finding out first what it is not... once
those illusions are dispelled then you move on... you go into the silence...
and yes it takes intellect to discard what is the transient... and to watch
the mind takes Awareness...
How can you watch the mind if you are the mind? think of that for a
moment... awareness is separate from the mind and thoughts which create
maya.... find out what is this Awareness.... where do thoughts arise from
and where do they go to?.. Yes it takes intellect up to a point.... but you
will reach the point where all of that will have to be dropped... and all
will have to be surrendered.... but first you must proceed with one-pointed
All that has been spoken of by the Rishis and Sages is truth... but they are
speaking and trying to tell you what Truth is... but it is Their
Unfoldiing... their knots untieing.... so now move forward to come to KNOW
ABSOLUTELY what is Source or Self or The Constant Which Is.... and all the
illusions will be shattered and moksha and liberation will remain....then
maya has no longer any hold... you have always been free... but it is only
the mind and thought and conditionings that you hold to be true that keep
you in bondage... bondage and liberation are only concepts like all other
concepts in the relative world of maya....
the Sages and indeed Sankara has paved the way... now is the time for you to
also walk that path.... don't just watch it from a park bench...

Love and Blessings
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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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