New member introduction: Ganga Karmokar

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Fri Oct 6 16:50:07 CDT 2000

  sharon tang <crystalkundalini at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:

i will not engage with you in intellectual debate as it affords nothing...
you cannot explain an orange to one who has not seen nor tasted it... but
when you taste it then you will know.....Love and Blessings on your search... i only joined to say that the truth is
possible to know absolutely... not as a philosophy but as Reality.

Dear Gangaji,

Thank you for your generous gesture in showering your love and blessing  in our search for the TRUTH. I appreciate your not wanting to engage with us in intellectual debatre. Fine!.Then, are you wanting to sell your 'silence' to people who just 'talk'? What exactly is it that you wish to state for yourself and to us?

With warm regards and a wee bit curious,


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