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Fri Oct 6 09:15:21 CDT 2000

Namaste -
In answer to you.... the intellect can only tell you what you are not...
Then you must surrender all concepts... all pre-conceived notions... even
those that you have on advaita.... Then go into the Silence... and KNOW the
I speak from direct experience not the hearsay of books and writings... Your
scholarly knowledge affords you nothing... except more to have to let go
Advaita is not an intellectual pursuit... it is the realization of the
Source of Being.... i do not speak big on the internet... what i speak of is
from direct experience... trying to be stated in the dualistic language of
i will not engage with you in intellectual debate as it affords nothing...
you cannot explain an orange to one who has not seen nor tasted it... but
when you taste it then you will know.....

Love and Blessings on your search... i only joined to say that the truth is
possible to know absolutely... not as a philosophy but as Reality... i do
not quote any books why to promote hearsay? you can only speak of what you
know directly.... spend your time in deleating all that is transitory...
then go into the silence... that is all.... Prove me wrong if you think this
is boasting... speaking the truth is not a boast... All are the same
essence... i am no different from you... only i am awake to reality and you
are still trying to intellectually reach... and intellect can only work in
the relative world of maya... go beyond... go beyond...
Much love g.
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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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