Adhyaatmic significance of navaraatri

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Thu Oct 5 16:30:23 CDT 2000

>From: "S. V. Subrahmanian" <svskotra at HOTMAIL.COM>
>>In the north, where I come from, the Vedic tradition is almost dead.
>I presume you mean this particular tradition (animal sacrifice). [or are
>meaning all Vedic tradition ?]

Well, this is my perception but what I meant was the entire Vedic tradition.
At least what it means to most of the South Indian brahamans. Only in the
ashrams in Himalayas does one come across Vedic pathshaalas, or the ones run
by the various maths all over the country. Very few actually attend these.
The way the Vedic tradition has been preserved in the South, that is
absolutely absent. There are no villages where the tradition is still alive.
Most of the rituals, like I have mentioned, are Pauraanik in origin.
Occasionally one comes across some or the other person organizing a yajna. I
think this is now applicable to almost the entire country although its more
pronounced in the north.


p.s. this email has nothing to do with navratri and nothing at all to do
with Advaita as taught by Shri Adi Shankara. However, it does reflect my
assessment/opinion of the state of the very tradition we are trying to
preserve by participating in this list. If any member feels this should be
taken off line i.e. through private emails, please let me know and I will do
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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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