Adhyaatmic significance of navaraatri

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On Sat, 30 Sep 2000, elmec wrote:

> Hari Om
> As some members have mentioned, it is true that Godess Saraswathi is
> worshipped on the 7th day - sapthamI. But the 8th day is celebrated as
> Durgaashtami, which does not suit my explanation of Godess Durga being
> worshipped on the first three days.

The Shukla ashtami of every month is called Durgashatami and is auspicious
for Her worship.  This is mentioned in 12th adhyaya of Chandi Path.  The
eighth day of Navaratri has another sort of significance.  It is called
Havanashtami and it when the Homa and Balidana should be done.  Balidana
is the sacrifice of an animal (usually a goat or sheep.)  Bengalis and
other North Indians actually do this.  But in Gujarat and other places
were people are more likely to be vegetarian, a substitute is used
instead.  Like at our local mandir, they slice a watermelon in half.
It's not quite as dramatic but a lot gentler!

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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