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I wished to be enrolled into Advaita lists and Mr.Jaldhar Vyas was kind
enough to send a welcome note and asked me to send an introduction.

I am A.R.Ramachandran, currently working in HR Department of TVS Finance
Limited, Chennai. I spend quite some time studying the scriptures. I have
great respect for parampara and feel that tradition really protects the meaning
of scriptures. Hence, my interest in the advaita lists which seeks to
provide a forum for discussion of tradition based (ie. Matha based)
interpretations of Advaita. I have always personally felt that advaita is one of the most
misunderstood and maligned philosophy, and this was more or less confirmed
when I read a beautiful book recently - "The Method of Vedanta" Tr.Mr.
Alston, where the author deals with the corruption of Advaitic thought. I dont
agree with it entirely, far greater damage has been done by people outside the
ken of the tradition.

Finally, while I certainly do not seek easy ways to understand Vedantic
thought, I am not scholarly either. I hope to profit by the discussions in the
list, and if possible, contribute in some small way.

Kind Regards, A.R. Ramachandran

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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