Can iishvara pull out a jiiva from bondage?

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Charles Wikner wrote:

> On Fri, 24 Mar 2000, "Jaldhar H. Vyas" <jaldhar at BRAINCELLS.COM> wrote:
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> > > Indeed, as for particular scriptures, Krishnamurti said: "Truth is a
> > > trackless land."
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> > So why should we believe Krishnamurti :-)  Those who reject scriptures
> > inevitably end up creating their own.
> John did acknowledge the author of the quote - a habit to be
> encouraged! - but you dismiss it solely on account of that author.
> This is just vitaNDa.
> In this particular instance, is it Krishnamurti or Jaldhar, that
> is rejecting scriptures (smRti and shruti) ?
>       Just as the footprints of birds cannot be traced in space,
>       and of aquatics in water, similar is the movement of the
>       man of knowledge.  [Mbh. ShA. 239.24]
>       Those who want to go beyond the courses of the world,
>       do not tread any path.  [itihAsa upaniSad 18]
> ShrI ShankarAcArya saw fit to quote these two passages in his
> commentary to Mu. Up. 3.2.6 (Gambhirananda's translation given).

>From what I have read of J.Krishnamurti, I feel he uses some English
words in a very  special way, with intended meaning clear only if you  have
dialog with
him long enough (reading his works will be poor alternative). Possibly what

he wanted to convey was that just as to reach a building in a dessert -- it

being a trackless land -- you can take any of the several paths, so is
The final step to the building will be same for all.

Warm regards

-- Himanshu

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