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Ravisankar Mayavaram wrote:

> --- Ramana R <r_ramana at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> > Stage-5 : Knower of truth/Brahman strives to protect this knowledge and
> > his
> > entering in Samadhi is more frequent and Steadier than Stage-4. However,
> > he
> > can come out of Samadhi himself.*
> >
> > Stage-6 : Having firmed up Samadhi, he can come out of Samadhi only if
> > some
> > external object/person can disturb/bring him out of Samadhi.*

I am unable to understand why people give so much of importance to samadhi
which is obviously a state which comes and goes and hence can not be the
Truth. Also, samadhi is something which one attains by his yogic powers and it
is not his true nature. May be the bliss that one experiences during the state
of samadhi is a close match to that of the Aatmaananda and hence held in high
esteem. But this bliss being an attained one can not be the True Bliss of
Brahman, isn't it ?

> But if the veil is completely gone, individuality can not come back. That
> is why jnAni-s are said to retain a tiny bit of individuality so that they
> can help others suffering in sea of saMsara.

This, I feel, is once again talking from the perspective of avidyaa.  For a
jnaani sees no sea of samsaara at all  For example, I get a dream in which
myself with a group of friends go  swimming  in a river and all of a sudden we
find ourselves drowning. With great difficulty I manage to swim to safety and
at that moment I wake up from my dream. Now, tell me, should I still worry
about rescuing my friends who were drowning ??!

Hari Om,
Latha Vidyaranya
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