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> Stage-5 : Knower of truth/Brahman strives to protect this knowledge and
> his
> entering in Samadhi is more frequent and Steadier than Stage-4. However,
> he
> can come out of Samadhi himself.*
> Stage-6 : Having firmed up Samadhi, he can come out of Samadhi only if
> some
> external object/person can disturb/bring him out of Samadhi.*

In the first case, some amount of individuality is retained. The  sAdhaka
thinks I am ("such and such" person) experiencing the samadhi. This is
technically savikalpa. In such a case, he/she can come out on his/her own.

OTOH, if such a distinction is becomes very weak and disappears, return
may not be possible without a external aid. The external aid is able bring
back the individuality because of prArabdha karma.  Even here there is a
veil however thin it may be.

But if the veil is completely gone, individuality can not come back. That
is why jnAni-s are said to retain a tiny bit of individuality so that they
can help others suffering in sea of saMsara.

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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