The siddhi literature of Advaita Vedanta

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On Mon, 20 Mar 2000, Sanjay Kabadi wrote:

> Can someone help provide more information / links to Naishkarmyasiddhi of
> Sureshwaracharya ( Mandana Mishra ) ?
> Thanx & regards,
> Sanjay

I believe if you search the list archives there have been some posts from
Ramakrishnan on this.

It has been published in Sanskrit with the Chandrika of Jnanottama Mishra
a number of times.  Swami Sacchidanandendra Saraswati also wrote a tika in
modern times.

According to the NYPL catalog there is a Hindi translation by Swami
Krshnananda Sagara and a few of English translations.  I don't know how
good any of them are.,-1,0,B/browse

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