The siddhi literature of Advaita Vedanta

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Can someone help provide more information / links to Naishkarmyasiddhi of
Sureshwaracharya ( Mandana Mishra ) ?

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>Subject: The siddhi literature of Advaita Vedanta
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>There are four works called siddhi which are important in explaining
>facets of Advaita Vedanta doctrines.
>They are in historical order:
>Brahmasiddhi of Mandana Mishra
>Mandana Mishra was a great scholar in Purva Mimamsa as well as
>Vedanta.  In this work he puts forth his own interpretations of Vedantic
>teachings.  This work is notable because it is the only example we have
>apart from a few quotations of a non-Shankaran Advaita
>Vedanta. Shankaracharya complains that in his time there were people who
>claimed to be Advaitins but misunderstood and distorted the Advaita
>philosophy.  He may well have been referring to people like Mandana
>Mishra.  Tradition says that Shankaracharya defeated him in debate and he
>repudiated his former beliefs and became Shankaracharyas disciple under
>the name Sureshwaracharya.
>Naishkarmyasiddhi of Sureshwaracharya
>As the name suggests, this work attacks the notion that karma can have any
>place in gaining moksha.  Views perhaps held by Sureshwaracharya himself
>in his purvashram if the connection between himself and Mandana Mishra is
>to be believed.
>Ishtasiddhi of Vimuktatman
>All I know about this is it defends Advaita theoriess on error and
>illusion against opponents such as the Buddhists.
>Advaitasiddhi of Swami Madhusudana Saraswati
>In precise logical language, defends Advaita Vedanta from the criticisms
>of the Dvaita school.
>There are modern Advaita works called siddhi as well as works belonging to
>the Bauddha, Jain, and Vyakarana schools.
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