brahmaakaara vritti

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--- elmec <elmec at GIASBG01.VSNL.NET.IN> wrote:
> Let us take the example of 'aakaasha'. It is sarva
> vyaapi, spread
> everywhere without any limits. But this 'aakaasha' or
> space is delimited
> by us in the form of 'ghataakaasha' and 'mataakaasha',
> the space inside
> a pot and space inside a math
> ( or any building ) ( we limit it to 60X40 , 30X50 etc
> etc ). This
> limitation is only by the upaadhi (which is kalpita ).
> When the pot
> breaks or the walls of the building collapse, dont the
> space inside them
> merge with the space outside, thus becoming limitless ?
> Similarly the
> aatman is restricted by our avidya inside our bodies. But
> when this veil
> of avidya is removed the body loses its significance and
> the jnaani
> realises that his individual consciousness has merged
> with the cosmic
> consciousness.
  Many thanks to ShrI Swaminarayan and to Smt. Latha for
wonderful analogy.  I guess I had automatically assumed
"vritti" means transformation.  It is my understanding that
the "individual" consciousness does not undergo any
transformation during liberation.  So, I was curious to
if there is in fact an "expansion".  I guess in this case
the expansion is one of realization after removal of


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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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