brahmaakaara vritti

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Vivek Anand Ganesan wrote:

> Hello :
>   I came across the term "brahmaakaara vritti" in the
> Jivanmukti thread. ( Many thanks to Smt. Latha for this
> wonderful series ).
> I have a couple of questions regarding this phrase.
> a) What exactly does this mean?
>    At the moment of Liberation, is there an "expansion"
>    of the individual consciousness?
> b) If it does mean the expansion of the individual
>    consciousness that would imply that it was formerly
>    bound or limited?  That limitation is not really real,
>    is it?  In that case, how can there be an expansion?
>    I mean, what does it expand in to?

Let us take the example of 'aakaasha'. It is sarva vyaapi, spread
everywhere without any limits. But this 'aakaasha' or space is delimited
by us in the form of 'ghataakaasha' and 'mataakaasha', the space inside
a pot and space inside a math
( or any building ) ( we limit it to 60X40 , 30X50 etc etc ). This
limitation is only by the upaadhi (which is kalpita ). When the pot
breaks or the walls of the building collapse, dont the space inside them
merge with the space outside, thus becoming limitless ? Similarly the
aatman is restricted by our avidya inside our bodies. But when this veil
of avidya is removed the body loses its significance and the jnaani
realises that his individual consciousness has merged with the cosmic

I have tried to explain this in my own words. Sorry, if I am wrong.
Kindly correct me.

Hari Om,
Latha Vidyaranya

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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