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>Part three (or four) did not mention vyabhicAra :-(
>You had earlier suggested Ingalls's "Materials for the Study of Navya
>Nyaya Logic" -- I see that it is available from Amazon at $14.00.
>I shall invest in a copy in order to better follow the argument.
>Thanks for so generously clarifying and enlarging on your explanation
>of MadhusUdana's argument.  I look forward to the ongoing series.

 I would recommend (the late) Prof. Ingalls' book without hesitation.
 If I remember correctly, he is said to have studied nyAya in a traditional
 way under a scholar called kAlIpAda tarkAchArya of Calcutta.
 Years ago, it was Ingalls' book that helped me understand the intricacies
 of navya nyAya. During those days I was rather crazy about the field
 of Knowledge Representation in Arificial Intelligence. What quickly
 caught my attention was the emphasis on formalization of nyAya
 terminology and language in navya nyAya. I dreamed up a scheme of
 machine representation of the navya nyAya formalization that lends itself
 to highly parallel (meaning efficient) inference, and presented
 the same in a conference on Parallel Processing in Pune, India.


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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