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>Also, I am not sure that one can progress spiritually if one has
>more time. How driven you are and your position in life are some
>factors among a lot of others.

You are absolutely right in recognizing "how driven you are" as
an important factor. It ultimately boils down to the intensity of
motivation that one has in spiritual matters. This intensity of
motivation translates directly into the attitude that one adopts
in dealing with spiritual matters vis-a-vis non-spiritual matters.

1) I will pursue spiritual matters if and when I feel like doing so.
2) I will pursue spiritual matters whenever I find time.
3) I will pursue spiritual matters whenever I find time. I will make
sure I find at least a little time to pursue spiritual matters.
4) I will look for an opportunity to cut down time in non-spiritual
matters and whenever I find one, I will take it and utilize the time for
spiritual matters. I will promise myself a minimum amount of time that I
will spend each week, or day.
5) I will place spiritual matters at a higher priority than others.
Spiritual life is my main life, the secular one is just to survive,
use the resources for dhArmic purposes, and meet my obligations
to my family.
6) I will be 100% and unconditionally dedicated to spiritual life.

As we can see, there are several degrees of motivation that lead to the
attitudes mentioned above. There may be other degrees that I may have
missed. Obviously, for most of us (on the list), I presume 6) is too
difficult. And even 5) is easier said than done. Ideally, as householders
or non-sannyAsins, we should be in 5). Or at least we should be in 4),
and striving to reach 5). But 3) has a lot of scope for improvement,
although it is (not a whole lot) better than 2).

2) and 1) are quite non-committal and one has to "graduate" to the
higher levels to make any progress at all.

Again, here I assume that time spent in spiritual matters should be
efficiently spent. If I promise myself a minimum amount of time
every week for such matters and if I end up wasting that time in
silly things or not doing anything at all, I am kidding myself!


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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