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>  So sometimes "sacrificing" one's thirst for wealth and/or other material
>  benefits may be called for in order to maintain progress on the spiritual
>  side. Instead, if one is deluded into thinking that no matter how
>  complicated and materialistic life becomes, one can always find time to
>  keep up with spiritual matters, that is a big mistake, in my opinion.
>  In brief, if one has an opportunity to make life less complicated
>  materialistically, then one must take that opportunity even if it
>  means some "sacrifice" is necessary.
>  Anand

I concur with you a 100%.  Otherwise, I wouldn't be working for
the same company (3 miles from home) for the past 11 years.  Not
working is not an option for me, tried that and went crazy.  As
someone recently mentioned on the list - a brain is a terrible
thing to waste.

Also, I am not sure that one can progress spiritually if one has
more time. How driven you are and your position in life are some
factors among a lot of others.

Life offers several choices every second - it is certainly wise
to keep in focus the more important goals in mind


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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