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>Does not this verse from vivekachuuDamaNi contradict
>krama mukti?
>vadantu shaastraaNi yajantu devaan.h
>     kurvantu karmaaNi bhajantu devataaH  |
>aatmaikyabodhena vinaapi muktiH
>     na sidhyati brahmashataantare.api  || 6 ||
>  Let one read the sastras, sacrifice to the gods, perform karmas
>or meditate on the divinities; liberation will not arise even
>after hundreds of brahmakalpas without knowledge of the Unity of
>verse and meaning quoted from archives (posted by Vaidya).
>Of course, one could argue that the purpose of this verse is to
>motivate the student to embark on aatma vichaara and seek
>liberation by quicker and direct approach, and not necessarily to
>contradict krama mukti.
>Please do correct me.

I don’t know if it contradicts ‘krama mukthi’ or not, but I can tell you
‘bhajantu devataaH ‘ does not contradict bakthi.

Naradha Bakthi Sutra makes it very clear.

“TatrApi na mAhAtmya jnAna  vismrtyapavAdA : “ 22

“(Gopies although worshipping krishna as their beloved) Never forgot this
divine nature.”

“ Tad vihinam jArAnAm iva  “  23

With out that knowledge of atmaikya (this approach) is perishable (Similar
to the base passion of a mistress for her paramour).
I think  ‘aatmaikyabodhena vinaapi muktiH na sidhyati brahmashataantare.api
‘ also means the same.

I think the purpose of this  vivekachuuDamaNi  verse is to clearly state
that essence of all means ‘sastra, sacrifice, karma or bhajana’ is to get
aatmaikya bodhana which bestows one with mukthi.

The word  ‘vina’ , according to my understanding clearly states ‘with out
which’, so only the criterion is being emphasized, Karma or yajna or bhajana
is not criticized.In fact they are recognized.
Please do correct me if in case I am wrong.

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