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>Thanks for clarifying things.
>My base objective for such questions to qualified people is due to the fact
>that most people in the clan of Vedanta, think that bakthi is some thing
>that is prescribed for people of lower caliber. They come with a hand full
>of references and say that ’ saguna upasana is just like studying ABCD ,
>long will you study that ?., its for kids’.

Krishna himself says in the Bhagavad Gita that Bhakti is of 4 kinds
1.Artha bhakti - bhakti of a person in distress
2.arthArthI bhakti - bhakti of a person seeking material well being
3. jijnAsu bhakti - bhakti of a person seeking liberated person
4. jnAni bhakti - the bhakti of a liberated person.

Only the orientation of bhakti varies but bhakti always remains. But the
fact remains that the first two and even the third kind are of a lower kind
than the fourth. And it is also true that a person cannot go to the fourth
without passing through the first 3 stages. So they can never be belittled.


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