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I thank you for giving me an opportunity to join the discussion on Advitha
Vedanta. I am approaching the list neither as a matured spiritual aspirant
nor as an adept in vedantic texts.

I am a Smartha and belong to the path of Shankara sampradaya with Bakthi as
the prime vehicle towards self-realization. I have a little knowledge about
Vedantic texts and have studied just some important parts of it. I normally
spend much time in works bestowing Bakthi.

ghaTo vaa mRitpiNDo.apyaNurapi cha dhuumo.agnirachalaH
paTo vaa tanturvaa pariharati kiM ghorashamanam.h
vRithaa kaNThakshobhaM vahasi tarasaa tarkavachasaa
padaambhojaM shaMbhorbhaja paramasaukhyaM vraja sudhiiH
( Shivanandha Lahari)

Musing upon things that may just serve, as a good meal for the
intellect will not empower one to embrace jeevan mukthi, rather
by contemplating upon the lotus feet of the almighty one gets the
opportunity to know the true self, which again reveals none,
except the omnipresent.

SatsaNgatve     nissNgatvaM
nissaNgatve      nirmohatvam.h
nirmohatve        nishchalatattvaM
nishchalatattve  jiivanmuktiH
Bhaja govindaM  Bhaja govindaM   (Dvaadasha Manjarikaa Stotram)

>From satsanga, (good company), comes non-attachment, from non-attachment
comes freedom from delusion, which leads to self-awareness and from
self-awareness comes jeevan mukthi.

I am sure that the Advitha mailing list is a net sathsanga growing and
shaping itself as a valuable repository of vedantic information and smartha
dharma. I feel doubly blessed to be a passive listener and active at times
in the list discussions.

Thank You

Namo Namas Sri Guru Padukabhyam

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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