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Fri Sep 3 02:05:14 CDT 1999

I would like to draw the attention of list members to a very well written
book titled Meditation in Sankara's Vedanta, by Jonathan Bader, published by
Aditya Prakashan, Delhi, India. It was published in 1990, but I have only
recently been able to read it. I was impressed with the seriousness with
which this non-Indian author takes the tradition and the unique nature of
Advaita discourse. There are very few such scholars in this world. This is
not a commercial post, but its cost is only Rs. 150, and I would highly
recommend it.

I differ slightly from the author's interpretation of a few passages in
Sankaracarya's commentaries. This is dealt with in my article in The Adyar
Library Bulletin (1998) on the parisaMkhyAna chapter of upadeSasAhasrI, and
in my forthcoming article in Philosophy East and West (2001) on the
genuineness of the prakaraNa text named pancIkaraNa. But there are various
other aspects of Bader's book, including his courage in challenging many of
the standard (Western) scholarly dogmas that have gained currency, which
should be very much appreciated by list-members.

As an aside, I must thank all the list members who helped me obtain some
references for the two papers that I mentioned earlier. I have acknowledged
your help in my papers, and I would like to place my gratitude on record on
this forum too.

With regards,

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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