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Thu Oct 28 11:25:40 CDT 1999

Devendra Vyas writes :

>  i assume that you have read all my previous messages on this
>topic. i have clarified that i only proposed that we should have
>discussions/interpretations of the ancient wisdom in the current
>unfortunately vaidya has shot down my suggestion ,so now i
>am keeping quite.i entirely agree with all that you have to say.
>but still,i fail to undestand if we don't have contemporary
>debates/discussions/interpretaions then what is the point?might as well
>keep an automated mailer program which will deliver daily mouthings from
>scriptures for mass consumption.
>to my mind, even the ancients have commanded us to apply the foll tests to
>sruti/yukti/anubhuti and also to satisfy ourselves fully after applying our
>minds.if krishna had followed tradition "blindly" he would not have done
>what he did.after all vedanta does not say that we have to become
>and lifeless caricatures,it was ever open to interpretation and dynamic
>evaluation that has been the cheif strengths of vedanta.else it too would
>have become like a hopeless bystander like the rc

Please note that I never opposed the idea of debates/discussions. Infact
"vAda" or discussion is the lifebreath of philosophy and a prominent feature
of the Indian tradition. Please discuss/debate/ask questions relating to
Advaitam, as much as you wish. That to a great extent dispels our ignorance.

My point was only that the karma kAndam should not be ignored. That's as
essential as the jnAna kAndam. There've been phases in Indian history, due
to certain circumstances (like during the time of Islamic occupation,
holding on to our culture and tradition itself required great effort), that
karma kAndam had taken precedence over jnAna kAndam and the latter has even
been forgotten. Generally these are the times when great saints have
appeared and made it clear to the people that karma has no end in itself and
the ultimate end is jnAnam - knowledge of the Self. But that doesn't mean
that they denied the efficacy of karma - for all saints enjoin charity,
control and compassion - but just denied it ultimate value. The Buddha and
Vivekananda fall in this category.

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