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Mon Oct 25 19:11:15 CDT 1999

My Yahoo crashed while I hit the sent button for this mail. I
am resending it in a brief form.


kAnchi paramAcharya says one should keep shika and it is an
obligation to iishwara. But he does not elaborate on it.

Why should one keep shika? I am not asking it out of academic
interest. For the last one year, I am contemplating on this to
keep one. My inner conviction has not become strong enough to
defeat the mediocrity. I should just obey aacharya's command,
again durvasana-s do not go away overnight.

Why do we say "shikAyai vashat" during anga nyAsa?

paramAcharya, says that one should wear pancha-kachcham, have
shika and wear the religious marks.  Even it is outwardly in the
beginning, it is fine he says, over the time this first step will
bring real inner change.



bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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